Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

HealthPlan Holdings, Inc. (HPHI) and its subsidiaries are third party administrators that act on behalf of covered entities. In doing so, HPHI is sensitive to your concerns about privacy. The law defines your personal information, referred to in this document as “your health information,” “protected health information,” or “PHI,” as individually identifiable health information on the physical or mental condition of an individual that is transmitted or maintained in any form or medium. This includes facts about the provision of and payment for health care service for individuals. This personal information is covered by federal and state privacy rules. This Notice is intended to help you understand how we handle the personal information that we obtain from you or other sources, including your health plan, its business associates, agents or subcontractors, in the course of providing you with our products and services. When you are conducting business with HPHI or one of its subsidiaries, you can have confidence that we respect your privacy and that we will protect information that we may obtain about you.


• We have established physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information.

• All personnel within HPHI are trained on the importance of protecting your personal information.

• We require any persons or businesses that provide services on our behalf to keep your personal information confidential and to use and disclose it only to provide the services we have asked them to perform.

• We do not sell your personal information.

• We will obtain your consent prior to sharing your personal information with persons, companies, or organizations outside of HPHI or one of its subsidiaries that would use this information to contact you about their own products and services if the communication is made in exchange for remuneration paid by a third party.

Although we perform payment and healthcare operations activities which require the use and disclosure of your personal information to properly administer your plan benefits, the law does not generally require us to seek your authorization for these purposes. However, there are instances that may require your authorization. Although we currently do not perform functions or services outside of payment and healthcare operations to do business, we  will obtain your written authorization for disclosures involving psychotherapy notes (in most situations), marketing, the sale of your information and other uses and disclosures of your PHI that are not otherwise permitted by law.