Section 125


Section 125

Help your clients save money by offering them our Section 125 SMART Plan. This is a simple benefit program, available for groups of 3 or more medical lives that can save your clients money by allowing them to:

  • Reduce Social Security taxes
  • Offer additional benefits at no extra cost
  • Shift some healthcare costs without an additional expense to employees or change to benefits.

It’s available for eligible groups at no charge, as long as HealthPlan Services medical coverage is in force. It is also available with health plans not offered through HealthPlan Services, with an annual fee of $240.

With HealthPlan Services, you’ll receive comprehensive service, which includes initial setup and ongoing assistance. We help you administer your benefits program and provide administrative services for the SMART Plan, which includes assisting with enrollment, handling calculations and maintaining compliance requirements. We help you ensure that all regulations on pre-tax payments required by the IRS and Department of Labor are met.

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